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Grand Hill Travel has been assisting community members with their travel plans since 1973. Grand Hill joined the Next Travel family of brands in 2023.

Our team of dedicated advisors have the expertise to create the perfect winter getaway, tour through the highlights of Europe, or cruise through the Mediterranean.

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At Grand Hill Travel, we believe the strength of our company lies in the expertise of our dedicated team members. Discover the faces behind our company and explore the possibilities of working together to tailor your next vacation!

Kelly brings nearly two decades of experience in the travel industry, where her passion for helping people live out their dreams, no matter how big or small, shines through. With a deep-rooted love for exploration, she finds true joy in cruising through open waters with her husband and two children, creating unforgettable memories along the way. Having embarked on numerous voyages with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises, Kelly's expertise extends to a variety of travel experiences. She cherishes her adventures with a close-knit group of girlfriends, most recently exploring the enchanting landscapes of Iceland, a destination she describes as truly magical. Specializing in curating independent trips to Europe, Hawaii, and domestic destinations, Kelly's portfolio also includes orchestrating destination weddings in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. Additionally, she excels in crafting family excursions on cruises worldwide and arranging stays at all-inclusive resorts throughout Mexico and the Caribbean.

Kelly Arnott

Travel Consultant

More than 3 decades ago, multi-tasking became reality while beginning college courses for a career in travel, while still in high school. Since then, she has created memories for clients all over the world.  Listening to clients in order to understand their wants and needs, rather than to just provide a response, has been key.  Getting to know her clients better allows for comfortable conversations, realistic budgets and knowing where to begin researching travel requests.  Everyone should be fortunate enough to have wonderful travel experiences and memories, Lisa loves giving clients all information necessary for each person to make an informed decision that is perfect for them.

Lisa Fisher-Girardin

Travel Consultant

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Your time is valuable, and with so many options to consider when planning your next vacation, we at Next Travel know that a little help can go a long way. Whether you're planning to travel across the state, across the country, or across the world, our team of experienced travel professionals are committed to planning a trip that exceeds your expectations.

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Planning your group trip with Grand Hill Travel gives you the security of knowing that every detail will be taken care of by a team of dedicated travel professionals.

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