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About Us

Next Travel is a family of travel companies based in Michigan and Indiana. With travel offerings ranging from Vacations and honeymoons to incentive groups and corporate travel, Next Travel has grown to become one of the largest travel agencies in the Midwest.

Leadership Team

President & CEO

Charlie O’Neill

Charlie founded HD Travel in 2010 while he attended the University of Michigan. His vision included a high level of service and customized packages while maintaining competitive pricing in the group travel market. Charlie met Chris Conlin, company CEO, at an industry event in 2015. Since then, Chris and Charlie have worked on building the foundation for HD Travel. Together, Chris & Charlie bring over 60 years of travel industry experience. With their knowledge and expertise of the travel industry, they are proud to work together to bring you a unique travel management company that specializes in group travel coordination for affinity groups nationwide. Our mission is to deliver expert guidance and organizational tools to make your group travel coordination seamless and successful.

Charlie O’Neill

VP of Operations

Colleen Romanauski

Colleen joined the HD Travel team in 2016 and has been instrumental in the growth and development of Next Travel. As the Vice President of Operations she oversees a wide range of critical functions essential to the agency's success. She is responsible for implementing new business acquisitions, streamline operations, and maximizing efficiency. She plays a key role in managing vendor relationships, negotiating contracts, and ensuring the highest standards of service delivery to all clientele.

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Colleen Romanauski


Kendal Sommers

Kendal Sommers joined Menno Travel in 1994 as a corporate travel advisor. As Chief Information Officer, Kendal is responsible for all technology in our office including the airline reservation system, QC software, and corporate reporting. In addition, he manages staff training relating to all automation systems.  Kendal’s travels have taken him to England, Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Dominican Republic and India.

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Kendal Sommers


Nathan Troyer

Nate became a valued member of Conlin Travel in 2016 serving as the VP of Finance and seamlessly transitioned to Next Travel upon their acquisition of Conlin Travel Leisure in 2022. Holding a CPA designation, Nate now serves as our Chief Financial Officer, bringing expertise and strategic financial guidance to our team.

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Training & Development Manager

Michelle Finch

Michelle joined the travel industry in 1999, creating bespoke itineraries spanning the globe. Beyond crafting unforgettable experiences for her clientele, she actively fosters her love for the travel industry by sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. Michelle spearheads comprehensive training programs for new hires and continuing education initiatives for our sales team, ensuring they remain at the forefront of excellence in customer service and travel expertise.

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Michelle Finch
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The History of Next Travel

Next Travel now has four office locations in Michigan, one in Indiana, and over 40 employees, and is quickly growing to be one of the largest travel agencies in the Midwest.

Establishment of

Next Travel

Chris Conlin and Charlie O’Neill brought their leisure travel companies together to form one entity. They began to grow their group and leisure business, striving to be the largest leisure travel agency in Michigan.

Acquisition of

Suburban Travel

In January 2021, Next Travel acquired Suburban Travel of Rochester Hills, MI and Classic Travel of Okemos, MI. With these acquisitions, Next Travel gained a second brick and mortar location in Okemos, MI and seven additional travel advisors.

Acquisition of

Menno Travel

In March 2022, Next Travel acquired Menno Travel, located in Goshen, IN. With this acquisition, Next Travel expanded its reach into Indiana, adding a third location in Goshen, and also added corporate travel into its business mix.

Charlie O’Neill

Majority Owner

In April 2022, Charlie O’Neill purchased Chris Conlin’s interest in Next Travel to become the majority stakeholder in the company.

Colleen Romanauski

Minority Owner

In January 2023, Charlie brought Colleen Romanauski in as a minority owner. Together, they have continued to grow the business acquiring several more travel companies.

Acquisition of

Frankenmuth Travel

Next Travel adds Frankenmuth Travel to it’s family of brands.

Acquisition of

Grand Hill Travel

Next Travel adds Grand Hill Travel to it’s family of brands.

Acquisition of

Livonia Travel

Next Travel adds Livonia Travel to it’s family of brands.

Next Travel Family of Brands

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